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The False Wall Company

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Ossett Plasterworks Limited - trading as The  False Wall Company

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Advance notice

Of items that we will produce in the near future to “couple up” with and  enhance our brick cladding sheets.

Stone cills to match our brickwork could  be the next items in production,  dates to be announced soon.  A further possibility are stone effect resin panels - formed onto timber as the image below.

If there are other products you need or wish us to make, please tell us at the email below and I’ll consider them.

You’ll certainly get a personal, polite and considered reply from John Clayton, our company Managing Director.


Tel;- 01924 270144

Intl;- 00 44 1924 270144

 “Half” Arches.

These have the maximum span of 880mm. with 17 radial bricks (see illustration below).  The span can be reduced by removing bricks in 52mm. to 60mm. stages to suit your particular requirement in fitted width.

The soffite (underside) is 215mm. at maximum, though this can be reduced in size.

The radial (upright) bricks are 235mm. high.  These can also be reduced if required.

In the near future we might market complete arches.  Please enquire costs and availability of these.

Fitted false brick arch Arch casting as supplied A resin stone effect panel