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The False Wall Company

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Ossett Plasterworks Limited - trading as The  False Wall Company

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1.) On a firm, steady bench trim the sheet outer rim with a sharp knife.

 We’ve already weakened some sheet edges on the trimming lines.  Ensure “base” edge is to bottom of sheet.  Keep “base” edge to bottom throughout this installation process.

2.) On first sheet cut vertical edge to suit the starting edge or angle. Trim any other edges to suit your layout.

3.) Try into place where it is to be installed.   This background must not have a loose or flaking surface.

Should it have an unstable face, hack / key back to a firm surface.

4.)When fit is satisfactory, apply “dots” of tile adhesive at approximately 200mm. centres.

5.) Press sheet into place.

6.) Repeat complete process for adjacent sheet.

7.) fill joints with tile cement or plaster, stipple to match the joint pattern.

8.) Paint to your taste.   White is easiest - unless you fancy imitating brickwork colouring?

Note that if you score the face these sheets can then be bent around external angles - over a firm, hard edge.

This will ensure very accurate alignment of brick courses - saving you a great deal of time.

Further Note if you cut joints out to external angles with sharp knife, then  fill these angles this will improve the realism greatly.


Brushing fillerto joints Applying brick sheet to wall Adhesive onto wall Tile adhesive ready for sheet application How to trim a plaster brick sheet





Pressing sheet into place



This page deals with just our sheet materials. Presently there is only one design of brickwork - in the “style” of flemish bond.

Others will follow.

To install these sheets you will need;-

Firm workbench/surface.

Sharp “stanley” type knife.

Tape measure.


Adhesive (see text opposite).

Straight edge.

Spirit level.*

Safe access equipment.*

*Not always required.

Please ask any questions to John Clayton, the Company Managing Director at;-


Pressing brick sheet into place


Fold sheet over hard angle TWO Abrading wall for adhesive


Cut joint with "stanley" knife





Tel;-     01924 270144

Intl;-   00 44 1924 270144

Advance Notice

We will (hopefully) quite soon produce a “bit of film” to better illustrate these installation techniques.

Please visit occasionally or leave an email message and we’ll tell you when it’s “up”.