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The False Wall Company

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Ossett Plasterworks Limited - trading as The  False Wall Company

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Special Products

These illustrations merely suggest some possibilities.

In truth the only limitations are yours and my imagination.

                        These very original                         features are cast in                         cement that is reinforced                         with glass.  This process                          is totally unique to our


                        A completely new, original                       development, entirely of                          our own invention.

These illustrated items are installed out of doors, some of which have endured our Yorkshire climate very well indeed - for some years now.

They’re not perfect, but never mind. Remember they’re simply decorative garden items that we intend plants to grow up and over.

We cannot easily produce more of the same items, they were always intended to be “one offs”.

However we’ll be very pleased to discuss new designs and possible costs with you.  

Please be warned that such time consuming work can be pretty expensive but jolly satisfying!

Please do ask me at the contact details opposite..  

I’ll welcome your enquiry.

Because this work is very enjoyable to carry out.

Other materials are possible, including GRP (fibre glass) and high quality grades of plaster or gypsum.

Please just ask.

One of many cast gargoyles A fine leaf base mouding Cast cement Celtic portal Gothic cast window head - cement

John Clayton, Managing Director


Tel;-   01924 270144

Intl;- 00 44 1924 270144